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Katrena Perou

Katrena Perou

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Visual Arts to Provoke Change in Social, Political and Cultural Issues

 Emmanuella Aristil, is a teaching artist for M258 where she is teaching a visual arts community service club. In many cultures artists have used their work to protest, persuade and invoke change in social, political and cultural issues. Students created  mixed media paintings that persuade and build awareness on current issues affecting their community. Students explored the ... Continue reading ›

Mikey Cordero

Manager of Technology Education and Media

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AYV Educator Training RECAP

This month, as part of a series of Adobe Youth Voices Educator trainings where educators model media making activities and learn the Adobe Software for implementation into their curriculum, we discussed the achievement gap and how creativity can spark curiosity in youth which is the foundation for learning. On the agenda, we covered what the rest of ... Continue reading ›