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James Miles

James Miles

Fresh Ed Professor

James Miles in Arts Integration, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Yes, You Do Want Drama In Your Classroom

"Yo Mister, that ain't right!"   I'm teaching test prep in a Title I High School, in a part of Brooklyn that’s not portrayed on Girls, leading a rambunctious group of previously failing students through a content-review of the Cold War; exploring the difference between capitalism and communism. One particularly volatile student, Jonathan, is decrying the fact that ... Continue reading ›

Sita Frederick

Sita Frederick

Everyday Arts for Special Education Program Director

Sita Frederick in BLOG

Everyday Arts for Special Education, 2013 Summer Institute

This past July, MNMP/Urban Arts Partnership and the New York City Special Education District, District 75, presented the Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) Summer Institute, an intensive five-day training event for both elementary school and arts teachers across the New York City region. For the full duration of the EASE Summer Institute, teachers and EASE ... Continue reading ›

Sage Young

Sage Young in BLOG

2012 Annual Report Now Available Online!

In 2012, Urban Arts Partnership: Served more than 9,000 at-risk students in New York City and Los Angeles. Graduated 100% of seniors enrolled in our Academy. Got 80% of chronically absent and under-credited students back on track to graduate through the iDesign program. Enabled 82% of English Language Learners participating in the Story Studio program to demonstrate increased knowledge of ... Continue reading ›